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Inconel 625 Buttweld

Pipe fittings are essential components used in plumbing systems to connect, control, and redirect the flow of fluids or gasses. They provide a secure and leak-proof joint between two or more pipes, allowing for efficient and effective distribution of substances. Pipe fittings come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate different types of pipes and specific application requirements.

What are Buttweld Fittings?

Buttweld fittings are a type of pipe fitting that is welded to the pipe end to create a strong and permanent connection. They are commonly used in industries that require a high level of structural integrity, such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and power generation industries. Buttweld fittings are designed to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, ensuring reliable and leak-free joints.

Mechanical Specification of Inconel 625 Buttweld Fittings

Inconel 625 is a nickel-based alloy known for its excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength. When used in buttweld fittings, Inconel 625 offers exceptional mechanical properties, including:
These mechanical specifications make Inconel 625 buttweld fittings highly durable, capable of withstanding extreme conditions, and resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and stress-related failures.

How Inconel 625 Benefits the Quality of Buttweld Fittings

The use of Inconel 625 in buttweld fittings provides several advantages:

Corrosion Resistance: Inconel 625 exhibits outstanding resistance to a wide range of corrosive environments, including acids, alkalis, and chloride-containing solutions. This makes it highly suitable for applications where corrosion resistance is critical, such as offshore platforms, chemical processing plants, and marine environments.

High-Temperature Strength: Inconel 625 retains its mechanical strength and structural integrity at elevated temperatures, making it ideal for applications that involve high-temperature fluids or gasses. It can withstand temperatures up to 1093°C (2000°F) without significant loss of mechanical properties.

Excellent Weldability: Inconel 625 offers excellent weldability, allowing for easy and efficient fabrication of buttweld fittings. This facilitates the installation process and ensures strong and reliable welded joints.

Resistance to Creep and Fatigue: Inconel 625 exhibits exceptional resistance to creep and fatigue, making it suitable for applications where prolonged exposure to high temperatures and cyclic loading is expected. It provides longevity and reliability to buttweld fittings, even in demanding operating conditions.

Types of Inconel 625 Buttweld Fittings

Inconel 625 45 Degree Elbow Inconel 625 45 Degree Elbow 625 Inconel 90 Degree Elbow 625 Inconel 45 Degree Elbow Inconel UNS N06625 45 Degree Elbow Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4856 45 Degree Elbow ASME SB366 625 90 Degree Elbow
Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings 625 Inconel Buttweld Fitting 625 Inconel Pipe Fitting Inconel UNS N06625 Buttweld Fitting Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4856 Pipe Fittings ASTM B366 625 Inconel Buttweld Fitting
Inconel 625 Eccentric Reducer Alloy 625 Eccentric Reducer 625 Inconel Eccentric Reducer 625 Inconel Eccentric Reducer Inconel UNS N06625 Eccentric Reducer Alloy WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4856 Eccentric Reducer ASTM B366 625 Inconel Eccentric Reducer
Inconel 625 Concentric Reducer Alloy 625 Concentric Reducer 625 Inconel Concentric Reducer 625 Inconel Concentric Reducer Inconel UNS N06625 Concentric Reducer Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4856 Concentric Reducer ANSI B16.9 625 Inconel Concentric Reducer
Inconel 625 Lateral Tee Inconel 625 Lateral Tee 625 Inconel Lateral Tee 625 Inconel Lateral Tee Inconel UNS N06625 Lateral Tee Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4856 Lateral Tee ASME B16.28 625 Inconel Lateral Tee
Inconel 625 Equal Tee Inconel 625 Equal Tee 625 Inconel Equal Tee 625 Inconel Equal Tee Inconel UNS N06625 Equal Tee Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4856 Equal Tee ASTM B366 625 Inconel Equal Tee
Inconel 625 Long Stub End Inconel 625 Long Stub End 625 Inconel Long Stub End 625 Inconel Long Stub End Inconel UNS N06625 Long Stub End Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4856 Long Stub End ASTM B366 625 Inconel Long Stub End
Inconel 625 Short Stub End Alloy 625 Short Stub End 625 Inconel Short Stub End 625 Inconel Short Stub End Inconel UNS N06625 Short Stub End Inconel WERKSTOFF NR.2.4856 Short Stub End MSS-SP-43 Inconel Short Stub End
Inconel 625 End Cap Inconel Alloy 625 End Cap 625 Inconel End Cap 625 Inconel End Cap Inconel UNS N06625 End Cap Inconel WERKSTOFF NR.2.4856 End Cap ASTM B366 625 Inconel End Cap
Inconel 625 Bend Inconel 625 Pipe Bend 625 Inconel Bend 625 Inconel Bend Inconel 5d Pipe Bend Inconel UNS N06625 Bend Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4856 Bend ASTM B366 625 Inconel Bend
Inconel 625 Equal Cross Inconel 625 Equal Cross 625 Inconel Equal Cross 625 Inconel Equal Cross Inconel UNS N06625 Equal Cross Inconel WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4856 Equal Cross ANSI B16.9 WP 625 Inconel Equal Cross

Inconel 625 Pipe Fittings Chemical Composition










Inconel 625


0.50 max

0.50 max


5.0 max

58.0 min

20.0 – 2

Inconel 625 Buttweld Fittings Mechanical Properties

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Inconel 625 8.4 g/cm3 1350 °C (2460 °F) Psi – 1,35,000 , MPa – 930 Psi – 75,000 , MPa – 517 42.5 %

Equivalent Grades for 625 Inconel Pipe Fitting

Inconel 625 2.4856 N06625 NCF 625 NA 21 ХН75МБТЮ NC22DNB4M NiCr22Mo9Nb

Types of Buttweld Fittings

Buttweld fittings are available in various types to suit different piping systems and requirements. Some common types of buttweld fittings include:

Elbow: Elbows are used to change the direction of flow in a piping system. They come in different angles (90°, 45°, etc.) and can be long radius or short radius, depending on the application.

Tee: Tees have a T-shaped design and are used to create branch connections in a pipeline. They allow the flow to be redirected into two or more directions.

Reducer: Reducers are used to connect pipes of different sizes. They have one end larger than the other to facilitate a smooth transition in pipe diameter.

Cross: Cross fittings have a plus-shaped design and are used to create branch connections in pipelines that intersect at right angles.

Cap: Caps are used to close the end of a pipe. They provide protection and prevent the entry of foreign particles into the system.

Stub End: Stub ends are used in conjunction with lap joint flanges to create a loose flange connection. They are often used in systems requiring frequent disassembly.

It is important to consider factors such as pipe size, material compatibility, and system requirements when selecting the appropriate type of buttweld fitting for your application.

Applications of Buttweld Fittings in Detail

Buttweld fittings find extensive applications in various industries, including:

Oil and Gas: Buttweld fittings are widely used in oil and gas processing plants, refineries, and pipelines for their ability to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. They ensure efficient and reliable flow control and distribution of petroleum products.

Chemical and Petrochemical: Chemical and petrochemical industries rely on buttweld fittings for their resistance to corrosion and chemical substances. These fittings are used in chemical processing plants, reactors, and storage tanks.

Power Generation: Buttweld fittings are essential in power plants for their ability to handle high-pressure steam and hot gasses. They are used in boilers, heat exchangers, and piping systems to ensure efficient energy generation and distribution.

Pharmaceutical and Food Processing: In industries with strict hygiene requirements, such as pharmaceuticals and food processing, buttweld fittings are used to maintain the integrity of the process by providing hygienic connections and preventing contamination.

Why Ganpat Metals is the Best Manufacturer and Supplier of Buttweld Fittings

Ganpat Metals is a leading manufacturer and supplier of buttweld fittings, including Inconel 625 buttweld fittings. Here’s why they are the best choice for your buttweld fitting needs:

Extensive Industry Experience: With years of experience in the industry, Ganpat Metals has gained a strong reputation for delivering high-quality buttweld fittings that meet the stringent requirements of various industries.

Wide Product Range: Ganpat Metals offers a wide range of buttweld fittings, including Inconel 625, to cater to diverse application needs. They provide options for different sizes, types, and specifications to ensure a perfect fit for your project.

Superior Quality: Ganpat Metals is committed to delivering top-notch quality products. Their buttweld fittings undergo rigorous quality control measures, including material testing, dimensional inspection, and performance testing, to ensure exceptional reliability and durability.

Customization Capabilities: Understanding that every project has unique requirements, Ganpat Metals offers customization options for buttweld fittings. They can manufacture fittings according to specific dimensions, materials, and configurations as per customer specifications.

Timely Delivery: Ganpat Metals understands the importance of timely project completion. They have efficient production and delivery processes in place to ensure on-time delivery of buttweld fittings to meet project deadlines.

Excellent Customer Support: Ganpat Metals takes pride in providing excellent customer support. Their knowledgeable and responsive team is always ready to assist customers with their inquiries, technical specifications, and order requirements. They prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to build long-term relationships.

For all your buttweld fitting needs, choose Ganpat Metals as your trusted manufacturer and supplier. Benefit from their extensive industry experience, wide product range, superior quality, customization capabilities, timely delivery, and exceptional customer support. Partner with Ganpat Metals for reliable and durable buttweld fittings, including Inconel 625, for your projects.

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