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Welcome to Shivalik Forged & Fittings, an esteemed and reliable Countersunk Washer Manufacturer in India. Our commitment to quality and excellence has earned us a prominent position as a leading supplier of high-quality Countersunk Washers to industries worldwide. With a wide range of sizes, dimensions, and customization options, our Countersunk Washers are known for their superior quality, durability, and reliability.

Leading the Way as a Countersunk Washer Supplier

Shivalik Forged & Fittings is a global name renowned for its quality Countersunk Washers. Our products enjoy international demand due to their exceptional quality. As one of the largest Countersunk Washer Suppliers in India, we manufacture and supply top-notch Countersunk Washers at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. These Washers are extensively used in various industries including automotive, aerospace, construction, and engineering. Additionally, we are well-known as both an External and Internal Washer Manufacturer in India.

Applications of Countersunk Washers.

Countersunk Washer 5

Countersunk Washer Material

Materials Grades
Stainless Steel 304/H/L, 316, 317, 321, 347, 410, 447, 904L
Inconel 600, 625, 800, 825
Monel 400, K500
Hastelloy C22, C276, B2, B3, X

Countersunk Washer Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties of Countersunk Washers are of great value in various industries such as chemical, oil and gas, pulp, and paper. These properties, including strength and toughness, make Countersunk Washers highly resistant to corrosion and other types of damage.

Specifications of Countersunk Washer Excellence

To excel as a Countersunk Washer Manufacturer, understanding key specifications is vital. These specifications encompass material, size, and strength requirements, which can vary based on the application.



Countersunk Washer Size

M02 to M33, Custom Sizes

Countersunk Washer Length

3 mm to 200 mm

Countersunk Washer Standard

DIN 125A, DIN 125B, DIN 127B, DIN 137B, DIN 6797A, DIN 6797J, ISO 7089, DIN 7980, DIN 127 B, IS 2016, ASTM F436M, ASME B18.13, ASME B18.21.1, ASME B18.22.1, ASME B18.23.1

Countersunk Washer Form

Hex, Threading, Square, Round as per Gauge Etc.

Threads Configuration

ASME B1.1 2A/3A – 2B/3B Inch Unified Threads and B1.13M 6h-6G Metric Coarse Threads


Dual Certified As per ASTM & ASME Codes

Head Drive

Six-Lobe, Phillips, Phillips/Slot, Slotted etc

Surface Coating

Ptfe Coated, Phosphate Coating, Teflon Coating, Zinc Coating, Hot Dipped Galvanizing Coating, Cadmium Coating, Xylon Coating

Countersunk Washer Finishing

Coatings & Finishes: Self-Colour, Passivated, Bright Zinc Plated (BZP), Hot Dip Galvanised (HDG), Sherardized, special coatings like DACROMET Geometry and Mechanically Applied Coating, Dacroment, nickel plated, anodizing, plated zinc-nickel, Zinc (blue, black, yellow, white), black oxide

Countersunk Washer Material Chemical Composition

Countersunk Washer Material Chemical Composition
Carbon Steel Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Manganese (Mn), Phosphorus (P), Sulfur (S), Silicon (Si)
Stainless Steel Iron (Fe), Carbon (C), Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Molybdenum (Mo), and other alloying elements

Countersunk Washer Types

Shivalik Forged & Fittings is synonymous with quality and excellence as the top Countersunk Washer Manufacturer in India. We offer various types of Countersunk Washer products with quick delivery and competitive pricing.

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