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Welcome to the official Shivalik Forged & Fittings website, your reliable source for high-quality bolt fasteners. On this page, we will focus on our specialization in Anchor Bolts. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we have emerged as a leading provider of trustworthy fastening solutions. Keep reading to explore the realm of Anchor Bolts and discover why Shivalik Forged & Fittings stands as your ultimate destination for all your bolt fastener requirements.

Understanding Bolt Fasteners

Bolt fasteners are fundamental components used to establish secure and durable connections between multiple objects. Consisting of a threaded shaft with a head at one end, these fasteners enable easy insertion and tightening. Bolts find extensive applications across various industries, including construction, automotive, machinery, and more, delivering strength and stability for diverse use cases.

Discovering Carriage Bolts Fasteners

As an esteemed manufacturer and supplier, we specialize in Carriage Bolts – a distinctive breed of bolt fasteners renowned for their unique domed or rounded head and square neck beneath. This special design prevents the bolt from rotating upon installation, rendering them ideal for scenarios where a smooth finish is paramount. Carriage Bolts commonly find application in woodworking projects, fencing, and other situations where aesthetics and security are of utmost importance.

Applications of Carriage Bolts

Carriage Bolts find widespread applications in various industries where both functionality and aesthetics are vital. Here are some common uses of Carriage Bolts:
Carriage Bolts 6

Materials and Their Quality Benefits

Materials Grades
Stainless Steel 304/H/L, 316, 317, 321, 347, 410, 447, 904L
Inconel 600, 625, 800, 825
Monel 400, K500
Hastelloy C22, C276, B2, B3, X

Mechanical Specifications of Carriage Bolts

At Shivalik Forged & Fittings, precision manufacturing and strict adherence to quality standards are our priorities when it comes to Carriage Bolts. Here are some essential mechanical specifications:


A307A, A449, A354, F593, SAE J429


1/2 – 3/4 




Plain and Hot-Dip Galvanized

Carriage Bolt Chemical Composition

Element Percentage by Weight
Carbon 0.28-0.55%
Manganese 0.60-1.20%
Phosphorus 0.04% maximum
Sulfur 0.05% maximum
Silicon 0.15-0.35%
Copper 0.20% maximum
Nickel 0.25% maximum
Chromium 0.20% maximum
Molybdenum 0.06% maximum
Vanadium 0.08% maximum

Dimensions of Carriage Bolts

Shivalik Forged & Fittings provides Carriage Bolts in a comprehensive range of dimensions to accommodate diverse application requirements. Our Carriage Bolts are available in various sizes, lengths, and diameters, allowing meticulous customization and optimal fitment. Additionally, we provide the option for custom dimensions to cater to unique projects and specific needs.
Carriage Bolts: Round Head, Square Neck (ASME B18.5-1990)
Basic Bolt Diameter Body Diameter (E) Head Diameter (A) Head Height (H) Square Width (O) Square Depth (P)
Max Min Max Min Max Min  Max Min Max Min
8 .1640 .157 .328 .298 .102 .083 .169 .155 .108 .078
10 .1900 .182 .436 .436 .114 .094 .199 .185 .125 .094
12 .2160 .206 .500 .468 .149 .125 .215 .197 .135 .105
1/4 .2500 .237 .594 .563 .145 .125 .260 .245 .156 .125
5/16 .3125 .298 .719 .688 .176 .156 .324 .307 .187 .156
3/8 .3750 .360 .844 .782 .208 .188 .388 .368 .219 .188

Why Choose Shivalik Forged & Fittings?

Shivalik Forged & Fittings distinguishes itself as the preferred manufacturer and supplier of Carriage Bolts for several compelling reasons:

  • Superior Quality
  • Customization Options
  • Wide Product Range
  • Punctual Deliveries
  • Expertise and Support

Select Shivalik Forged & Fittings as your trusted partner for Carriage Bolts and experience unparalleled quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Reach out to us today to discuss your bolt fastener needs or request a quote.

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